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M4Murli started producing for Gentle Steel and High Elastic Latches in 2018 which are an essential piece of the Tower Package. Today, M4Murli has the capacity of assembling an extensive variety of Fastener/Nuts/washers with in-house Stirring to guarantee quicker erection pivot for it’s clients and furthermore diminishing the requirement for putting away surplus stock at site.

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Mechanically progressed and created by master experts and specialists, our items are strong in plan and predominant in quality. Appraised as one of the principal maker and provider of hand apparatuses and Fasteners, we have a high creation limit upheld by a group of gifted and experienced specialized group. For creation of worldwide quality items, accentuation is set down on every viewpoint from innovation up-gradation to nature of bundling and showcasing.

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M4Murli manufacture bolts and nuts which are strongly tested in the lab & field to meet & exceed toughest quality standards for OE applications & tailored for market requirements. Application specific design that consistently delivers optimal tightening performance in all conditions. Designed for extreme fitness & continuous grip, M4Murli bolts feature, excellent strength & longer life.

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Floor screws only need low driving torque. The thread design of floor screws incorporates flutes which allow the self tapping action to be achieved at torques considerably lower than those required for standard self-tapping screws. A firming fastening is completed with minimum stress on the floor screws.


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The Swedish engineer who invented the zip fastener made a greater intellectual leap than many scientists do in a lifetime.

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